At Myriadlinks Care Solutions Ltd we believe that Service Users have a right to speak freely about how their house is organised, run and how services should be developed over time.

In turn, we commit to the following strategies to support service users’ involvement: We commit to the following strategies to support service users’ involvement:

  • Weekly Key Worker Sessions
  • Monthly Service User House Meetings
  • Targeted Service User Consultations
  • Establish a Service User Involvement Police & Procedures
  • Regular Reviews
  • Use of Time-Specific Target (Service planning)
  • Annual Quality Assurance audits (questionnaires and surveys)

How can this be possible?

We constantly seek feedback from service users, their families and other agencies. We are always grateful for suggestions as to how we may improve our services and we view complaints positively as a means of being able to identify and correct any failings in the services we provide. By letting us know if you have any complaints we can investigate the matter and hopefully resolve any areas of dissatisfaction. Our Complaints Policy is there to be used and we will assist service users and tenants, carers and others in using our procedure.

Who can use this Policy?

Service Users, carers and their families, Social Workers and Local Authorities, Members of the public, Members of staff, including volunteers Students on placement. Why you may want to use this Policy?

  • To share a concern
  • To make a complaint
  • To make a suggestion
  • To give feedback about the service you have received
  • To pass on a compliment


Our organisation is adequately and appropriately insured to ensure that our business, staff, service users and those who may be affected by our business operations are covered in case of an unforeseen eventuality. Amongst the various covers we have, the main ones in place are:

  • Public liability insurance – will cover our business for any inconvenience we may cause those in receipt of our services, such as through damage or loss of goods and damage to their property while work is being carried out.
  • Employer’s liability insurance – protects the people who work for our organisation to support our service users, ensuring we are able to pay damages in the event that they become injured while carrying out their work.
  • Professional Indemnity insurance – protects us in case there may be accidental oversight or omission in our provision of professional opinion, loss or damage of documents or when our practice may have fallen short of standard expectations.